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You Get A Solid Foundation!

When you have completed your training, you will have learned how to transcribe ALL work types and may apply for work with Physicians in your local area or you can apply for Transcription work via any of the many Internet job postings.  (Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook – Job Opportunities posts

You may also choose to apply for work as a Transcriptionist or (also known as a Unit Secretary) in your local Hospital (or work remotely via the Internet) or could contact any of the National Transcription Service companies regarding work as a Medical Transcriptionist. You have choices!

Your work choice is your choice!

Although our training was written predominantly for Transcriptionist training, it carries over well.  Our training will also enable you to apply for work as a Medical Editor (for those dictators who may use voice recognition (VR) programs which requires someone (as you will soon be) well-trained in Transcription who is able to edit and correct VR document errors) or you may choose to apply for the relatively new position of Medical Scribe ** with hospital facilities in your local area.  Many if not all Medical Scribes come from a background of Transcription. 

Our training offers you a foundation of dimensionality as well as being a solid knowledge base for these jobs and will enable you to choose your occupation.  For our purposes here, we will refer to your future occupation as “MT”. 

Our training enables you to apply for jobs.  You choose the type of work as well as whether to work in the at-home or onsite capacity. 

The world of medicine is fast-paced and exciting. Now, you can learn to become an integral part of this exciting world.  You are about to find out that the Medical Transcriptionist (MT) is an important link in the chain of quality medical care.  An individual who performs Medical Transcription is known as a Medical Transcriptionist (or for short an MT), and for a lesser period of time in the 1990s was called a Medical Language Specialist (MLS).  Some hospital facilities may call this position the Unit Secretary.

The term “Medical Language Specialist” came into vogue in approximately the 1990s as some companies tried using voice recognition (VR) programs for transcription of their reports. These VR programs were ‘supposed’ to capture the spoken voice and turn it into a written transcript but the results were often disastrous. VR is to this day unreliable and often laden with many errors. The VR program requires a thoroughly trained MT to fix (or edit) all of the errors and wrong words typed by the VR program. Although MLS is a really an outdated title and description, due to companies trying VR programs and realizing the indispensability of a human Medical Transcriptionist versus a voice recognition program, MTs themselves are not outdated and their services are still in demand and will be for quite some time to come! 

What exactly is the Medical Transcriptionist (and) why do we need Transcriptionists?  Each time a medical care provider encounters a patient, a medical record must be created. Every time a procedure is performed or an x-ray taken, a medical record is created. When a patient enters the hospital, again a medical record is created, and so on and so forth.  The medical record is the up-to-date written account of each and every patient’s care background. It contains all pertinent information on each patient and gives the subsequent medical care providers an up-to-date overview of a patient’s medical history. The providers will know everything that has happened up to the time they see this patient, and it is this up-to-date record that ensures continuity of quality patient care.

The transcribed medical record is also the documentation that is required for payment authorizations, whether that payment is from the patient to the provider of services, or from an insurance company to a provider, or for payment from a government or private program to the provider of services. In any case, there must be a hard copy record. This is what you create!  Medical Transcriptionists work for Doctors, hospitals, private transcription companies or are self-employed. Many Transcriptionists work from home receiving voice files of dictations via the Internet and return their completed documents in the same manner.

MTs can be male or female although this is still predominantly a female occupation.  For our purposes here, we will call the MT “she” (with no offense intended) and will refer to you as a Medical “Transcriptionist”.  Whatever you may be called, the Medical Transcriptionist is the person responsible for converting the details of the patient’s medical records into text from a recorded dictation. The MT uses playback equipment (a medical transcriber unit or computer application/program), and a foot pedal and headset which are used to listen to the Doctor’s dictation and transcribe it (type it) in a specific written format.

MTs do not even have to leave their homes to transcribe.  With the advent of the Internet, one may be located in the Philippines transcribing for a Physician in California or may be located in New Jersey transcribing for a Physician down the street.  It really does not matter.  What matters is producing and excellent document, protecting patient confidentiality at all times, and meeting or exceeding one’s turn-around-time. This is called outsourcing.

Outsourcing is primarily done with medical reports. Actually, there are two different types of outsourcing: One type of outsourcing is when a provider of service sends their work outside of their location to be transcribed, i.e., to a local service or individual Transcriptionist here in the United States simply because the provider requires additional help with their workload or because they do not have a Transcriptionist or MT Department on site.

The ‘other’ type outsourcing (which is heavily discussed in the news today) is when the confidential voice file dictations or documents of a United States resident are sent ‘overseas’ to a foreign service or worker. This latter type of outsourcing is extremely detrimental to patient confidentiality and quality issues, and globally overall with regard to our United States economy from which all US Healthcare Personnel derive their income (Doctors, Nurses, Facilities, and Transcriptionists). Additionally, turn around time (TAT) may be affected by overseas outsourcing as well as having an impact on prudent “standard of care”.  Our sister company, MT Practice Transcription Training, has made it their mission to offer quality transcription training worldwide.  Please see

This ‘overseas’ type of work often has gotten the reputation of not carry with it the United States standard of quality and integrity, so we are globally working to combat this! We know the outside-of-the-US Transcriptionist (not trained by MT Practice) often struggles with obvious common phraseology, and our language differences can create needless, multiple, time-consuming mistakes, which then of course will require time-consuming correction by the provider of record prior to your signature.  So we have made it our mission to offer quality transcription training worldwide and increase the level of excellence in Transcription.  Please see

One final note on outsourcing:  Although we firmly believe that US work should be transcribed in the country where the medical practice is located, i.e., Philippine work should be transcribed in the Philippines, and examinations performed in India should be transcribed in India, we know many US physicians employ outsourced Transcriptionists. 

Thus, we at MT Practice Transcription Training, LLC and NJ Transcription Services, LLC have made it our mission to properly train ALL Transcriptionists, regardless of their location!  We continue to offer GLOBAL training in proper Transcription methods and techniques.

Medical Transcriptionists are constantly learning. In transcribing the patient’s records, you may (in any given day) learn new phrases, terms or medications. You may learn of medical breakthroughs or procedure revisions while being exposed to the latest, cutting-edge technology. Utilizing our proper training and your sincere effort, you will be enabled to obtain employment in doctor’s offices, hospitals or work as an Independent Contractor or be in business for yourself in addition to preparing you for the relatively new job category of Medical Scribe (Joint Commission Guidelines recommendation July 2012). 

**Medical Scribes work predominantly in the hospital Emergency Room setting.  A Scribe follows the Doctor around and transcribes verbatim everything that occurs during the patient encounter. Due to the advent of EMR (electronic medical records), Physicians and/or facilities receive additional monetary compensation and incentives to employ Scribes who are essentially Transcriptionists who work alongside the Doctor and transcribe in the patient setting, on the go!  (We personally have worked in this capacity and it was quite exciting and an exceptionally interesting position! However, in order to work as a Medical Scribe, one needs to be fully conversant in all  medical report types and in multiple medical specialty areas.)

Although the human body remains the same, transcription (excellent transcription that is) does not change. Transcription is based on a standard set format for each type of report, basically the headings and the contents within each heading. This is what we will teach you – but the difference is we will teach you by work type.  It makes perfect sense to teach you in this manner, by work type! 

We make it clear at the outset, we are NOT trying to make Doctors out of you but we will do our very best to turn you into an EXCELLENT Transcriptionist Our job is to provide you with the most up to date training with flexible options to meet your needs.  We constantly strive to accomplish this!

Is there work out there for MTs? How will I find work?  An internet search in any state job bank OR on, CareerBuilder or, OR on any of the Transcription job boards such as OR Pinterest (using the keywords Medical Transcription jobs or MT jobs), OR our MTPractice Facebook Job List posts also yields hundreds of results  ( 

You may decide to apply directly to any of the many national or local Transcription services (keyword search: Transcription Services) OR you may choose to work on your own.  You are encouraged to be proactive and invest in yourself by using your local telephone directory (as we have) and merely knock on the doors of Physicians in your local area and ask if they would like to discuss their Transcription needs.  Many physicians are in need of help by a fully-trained Transcriptionist but you will not know this until you speak with them!  In this instance, you pick the medical specialty you like or which you prefer to transcribe.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the results achieved from “cold calling” with your resume along with perhaps a VistaPrint business card in hand! 

In this last method of securing work (approaching the Physicians directly), you are able to set the page or line rate you choose to earnYou negotiate with the Physician or his Office Manager as to what they offer vs what you are asking, and whether this is calculated on either a line or page rate, etc.  You are essentially in the driver’s seat for the hours you will work and your turn-around-time for their document(s) return as well as your earnings! 

You will be really surprised to see how relatively easy it is to obtain clients, if you know what you are doing which is where we come in!  This is what our training covers – teaching you what you need to know!

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