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On this page we will tell you about the company, about how we believe we can (and would like to) help you, introduce you to the owner of the company, and to explain how the MTPractice Transcription Training Modules came to be. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(Signed) Lillian Cleary, MT/MTSO, Owner

MTPractice Transcription, LLC and NJ Transcription Services, LLC

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The world of Medical Transcription is fast-paced and exciting, and (whether you know it or not) the Medical Transcriptionist is a very important link in the chain of quality medical care.  All quality of care depends entirely upon accurate and up-to-date medical records.  If a patient’s record is lacking proper documentation, their care may be affected or delayed, and thus it is the Transcriptionist’s job to utilize Physician’s audio dictations to create reports (in a timely fashion) to keep those records up-to-date with regard to current and subsequent care. 

Properly trained Transcriptionists are in demand and can work either directly for hospitals or Physician services (working on-site or remotely), or one may choose to work as an Independent Contractor transcribing directly for your Physician clients from the home office.  We explain all scenarios to you. 

Don’t worry about VR (voice recognition) programs which some providers may consider trying out.  More often than not those VR reports are sadly (and dangerously) error-laden.  VR for medical reports is totally different than “Siri” providing you with an answer for a crossword or naming the most popular song of 1989.  VR medical reports are laden with errors which if not caught in time can affect patient care and outcomes.  There are even Facebook groups which post “what was dictated versus what the VR program (inaccurately) transcribed”.  If these errors were not so serious as regards patient care, they would be comical.  So although some providers may “try” VR, when they see how much extra work it will create for their office staff, it will not last long!!!

Rest assured, there will always be work for a properly trained, living, breathing, human Transcriptionist!

You came to our website because you are looking for answers as to how you can be part of this world and to that end, we have tried to anticipate and answer all of your questions at the outset.  We give you complete answers so that there is no mystery. 

Our training teaches what you need to know, the “what goes where, and how to do it” in each report type you may encounter in Transcription.  We will train you in all types of reports and all report formats ranging from Telephone Notes to Autopsy Reports, from births to cardiac arrest. 

We offer the training you need – but we give you proper training.  We want you to learn Transcription and for you to do well.  We are here to train you to become an integral part of this exciting, interesting world.  Sometimes one may ask the universe, “Gee, when is it going to be my turn?”  Well, today, now, here:  It can be and is your turn!  That choice is entirely up to you!

So, if you would like to learn Medical Transcription OR are presently working in the medical field but need Transcription training OR are presently an under-worked Transcriptionist and need help in specific work types to sharpen your skills or to attract additional clients, OR perhaps you are already working in Transcription and just want to upgrade/update your Medical Spellcheck or AutoCorrect word expanders for a reasonable price –

Whatever your situation:  We hope you will look to MT Practice to meet any or all of your needs!  Medical Transcription truly is the ideal at-home professional position realizing a very good IC (Independent Contractor) income, which we ourselves can attest to!  To that end, we will provide you with cutting-edge Medical Transcription work type training in a quick study, easily learned, updated digital format (no more cassettes) with this training made available to those who want or need a job, or as stated for you to update your skills and/or resume.

We provide a complete packaged set (all nine of our modules) which includes everything you need including the textbooks and a foot pedal (you will have to supply the computer) OR you may pick and choose individual work type modules to upgrade your present skill set. 

Our training is always at a very low price-point to help those who want and need a hand up so they too can work in this stable, very well paying, interesting career as we have.  We feel life is all about “giving back” and have priced our modules as such. We like what we do and strive to do it well.  We have made different product packages available in order to meet anyone’s and everyone’s needs and desired training level.

You need look no further!  All you seek is here!

Very reasonably priced!
You may ask, “Can MT Practice Transcription Training really help me?”

Yes!  I believe we can!  In fact, I am sure of it!

How do I know this?

Because I have successfully achieved this myself!  I was (pretty much) right where you are now.  I needed a good job to pay my bills.  I had no family to help me with childcare and could not afford to pay for childcare and my bills at the same time with what I would earn with my (then) somewhat limited skills.  Plus, I really wanted to be able to stay at home and raise my children myself.  Well, Transcription is the career where you can do all of that! 

Since my course was not available to me back in the day, through a lot of hard work, and with trial and error, I made it to where I am now – I am a single, self-sufficient woman who owns my own business MTPractice, LLC which I later divided and renamed into – MT Practice Transcription Training, LLC and NJ Transcription Services, LLC.  I also managed to keep my own home after a tumultuous divorce so I guess I am as they say, “making it” or “living the dream”.  Currently, MT Practice Transcription Training, LLC (the site you are presently on) handles all transcription training and NJ Transcription Services, LLC ( www.NJTranscription.com ) handles all contracted medical and legal transcription work. So you see, if I can do this, I know you can too!  All it takes is your effort!

How did I personally get here?

I come from a basic secretarial/typing background, had dabbled in municipal government clerical work while studying at night to be a Paralegal (prior to having my children), and then along came the children.  I knew I needed and wanted to do “something” career-wise and was not sure what but I knew hadn’t actually “enjoyed” Paralegal work.   After being home with my children, I wanted to return to work to help out with the family income and thought I might like to go into Nursing.  About 1/2 way to my certification, I realized I was just not emotionally cut out for the clinical end of Nursing, in the day-to-day hands-on care of patients but I had enjoyed the medical “schooling” end of it with all of the facts and procedures we had covered and I had done quite well. 

So after a lot of thought combined with maybe a little luck, and certainly some perseverance (topped off with a sprinkling of divine intervention) – I ended up applying for (very) entry-level work with a Transcription service.  My secretarial experience as well as those Paralegal and Nursing studies helped me get my foot in the door I am sure, but I was on the bottom rung of the ladder, only transcribing (ER reports and very, very basic things such as Telephone Notes and SOAP Notes).  I liked the work but I wanted to transcribe Operative Reports and complicated surgeries – you know, the fun stuff and I wanted to make money! 

However, you cannot do the (fun) report types or make a lot of money without training and the small company I started with did not offer any sort of training.  I did some research and studied on my own but I realized I needed some sort of formal training which I could tell my employer I had taken.  I ended up ordering an overpriced (and what turned out to be absolutely awful) transcription correspondence course while my children were still young.  Luckily I was only working part-time transcribing the ER reports (part-time since I did not know a lot of work types thus they didn’t assign me much work), and was only working part-time while my kids were in school.  I was glad I was only working part-time because that correspondence course schedule was very complicated and stretched out over quite a long period of time. 

After finally completing that horrendously long course which insisted on teaching me things I knew I would never use (I am sorry but complicated Pharmacology formulas are not a necessary Transcription training component) and after paying my dues by working for that local service doing the ER reports while I studied, I later moved on to working for a few National transcription services (all the time learning more and more along the way).  I subsequently kept moving up the ladder to ultimately securing work transcribing for nationally-recognized hospitals due to my growing work type skills resume (and expertise) which now placed me in an in-demand status. 

My impending divorce made me realize that “now” would be a good time to open my own business and take this even more seriously than just earning a nice paycheck and helping out with our household bills.  Plus I really enjoyed Transcription and realized I could make quite a nice income and life in this career which would allow me to keep my house despite that pesky divorce.  I have been working in Transcription for nearly 20 years now.  So you see, I have been where you are or at least pretty darned close to where you are.  Due to the interesting road I have taken, one of my training goals was to make the journey much easier for you! I believe I have accomplished this.

The Modules were specifically designed to address what employers are looking for. We endeavor to teach you (excellent) Transcription skills in as short a period of time as possible so you can get to work!

Clients are looking for Transcriptionists who can transcribe their work – quickly and accurately, utilizing up-to-date (digital) technology.  Since I had such a varied background and work history, I knew what needed to be taught to novices.  Plus, remember, I had taken that horrendous correspondence course so I knew what I did NOT want your training to be like! I also remember how darned expensive that over-priced correspondence course was, so I wanted my price-point to be low for you. I created and have subsequently used these training modules for my own company’s MTs and have refined and continually update this training.

Is this training only applicable to Transcription?

No, actually.  Our training products have dimensionality, meaning we carry over as a job training tool that one may use as a foundation for a position in Medical Transcription, OR working in Medical (Voice Recognition) Editing, OR working as a Medical Scribe in the hospital (ER) setting.  In all of these instances you will require thorough knowledge of Medical Transcription work types, which we have striven to create in this up-to-date training program.  We created these reasonably priced, clearly worded training modules utilizing cutting-edge (digital) technology making them available in globally-branded modules designed to address the needs of anyone/anywhere who wishes to enter the field.

The student is provided with the knowledge necessary to apply for entry level (or above) work as Medical Transcriptionists (Federal CIP 51.0708), Medical Editors (CIP 51.0799) or in the new position as a Medical Scribe (CIP 51.0801), (job codes per Occupational Outlook Handbook). As you know, since there will never be an end to the number of medical patients, Medical Transcription will always be an “in demand” occupation.  This also applies to Medical Editors and the new position of Medical Scribe, all of which require thorough transcription work type knowledge and skills.

This is what we provide!  Thorough work type training! Transcription has also been designated by the US Federal Government for Military Spouse Training Funds Reimbursement, which makes additional retraining funding available in addition to the standard reimbursements through Workforce Development/Unemployment offices.

In a nutshell:

The MT Practice Training Modules were written as an answer to what employers wanted (myself included): Knowledgeable MTs who after receiving their work type assignments (dictations) could walk in and start transcribing almost immediately.  They cannot do this unless they know what is required in each work type, and the heading requirements within each of those work types as well as how to put together correct and universally acceptable reports.  With those factors in mind, this is how our modules were written.

We have taken all of the unnecessary fluff out of your MT training!
We offer you (excellent) Transcription training, imparted in as short a period of time as possible, so you can start earning, right away!

Why on earth the very expensive course I took (back in the day) felt the need to teach me pharmacology for a month straight, I still will never know.  I was not looking to become a Pharmacist.  I merely wanted to transcribe medical documents and work from home so I could pay my bills while I raised my children myself.  Period.  A Transcriptionist needs to know the correct name and spelling of medications (to be able to verify that the medications being dictated by the physician match the diagnosis or condition is a skill learned over time and is really not the Transcriptionist’s job per se). 

It is the Physician’s (or his assignee’s) job to verify the reports to make sure they were dictated properly.  The Transcriptionist’s job is to merely enter the correct spelling/capitalization of those medications as they are dictated and transcribe the report properly;  verbatim but with all items in their proper place creates a universally-accepted document.  There really is no need to study pharmacology formulary or prescribing doses!  That is the job of the Doctors!  We are not trying to make Doctors of you and will not pretend to.  We are, however, offering you training to be an excellent Transcriptionist.  Why do something if you are not going to do it well – – Right?

Regarding the AutoCorrect/Productivity Module (OR) How to increase your earned income exponentially:

Way back in the day a kindly on-the-job Supervisor/mentor introduced me to what is called an AutoCorrect utility.  The AutoCorrect utility is a “keystroke saver” utility that is built into MSWord and yet many MTs still do not know how to work this or how to have it work for them to increase their salaries!  An AutoCorrect code is a series of letters or a specially-coded phrase (that you create) which you access within the document and then tell it to play out to a word, or a sentence, or even multiple paragraphs!  It plays out to what YOU tell it (program it) to. 

This probably sounds more complicated than it actually is!  I personally took to this like a duck takes to water when I figured out the finer points of this utility and how it could increase my earnings!  I also found over the years that many MTs still do not fully utilize or even understand AutoCorrect (which is quite frankly one of our best resources).

That being said, I created the Productivity Module which provides the MT with instructions on how to create and/or use AutoCorrect word expander codes. I have streamlined your training for these codes and provide you with over 9,400 AutoCorrect codes (these are universal, standard codes you will use in your training and also later on in your everyday future work experiences). These 9,400 codes will more than get you started. I also clearly explain how you can make your own codes in the future from your client’s work.  These codes allow you to get in and then get out of your reports faster (while maintaining absolute accuracy) which is a big plus when you are getting paid on a line or page rate as we Transcriptionists normally are!  You can easily double your typing speed which will then double your pages transcribed! Yes – you can double your typing speed and page count if you use this utility to its full design.  We teach you how.  We have provided a description below:

Productivity and AutoCorrectProductivity and AutoCorrect Word Expanders Module:

Word expander abbreviations, also known as AutoCorrect, are abbreviations to help you increase your productivity/work output and thereby your earnings.  An abbreviation is typed and expands upon activation of the spacebar or an assigned hot key.  This can expand into a word, a phrase or a ‘normal’ standard dictation – whatever you program it to be!  The keystrokes you save are a key component to your productivity and thus, your earnings.  When first installed MSWord contains only a very basic, minimal AutoCorrect list provided by Microsoft.  We instruct you on what AutoCorrect is, how to create entries, when to create them, and what they can do for you.  This module will provide you with approximately 9,400+/- entries (318 printed pages) of MTP Transcription AutoCorrect codes for your use during your studies and for you to use in your career work afterward.


Total AutoCorrect Instruction Pages: 25+/-.  Over 9,400 AutoCorrect expansion code macros provided on USB flash (318 printed pages of AutoCorrect codes).  Detailed explanation as to what an AutoCorrect macro is, how to create one from present or future work, how to utilize the macros provided in this module, and how to edit existing  macros to suit your purpose.

Productivity Module: $155.00

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