We encourage you to compare us to other training providers:

Prior to our creation of the MT Practice Training Modules, Medical Transcription training consisted of a few reference books and some accompanying oftentimes-unintelligible audio cassette report dictations in an over-priced course.  Sadly, most of the transcription courses on the market today are still training students with these same outdated, unintelligible materials, and some are still even using audio cassettes. Our training modules were written as an answer to what we found the student needed – as a solution for the problem.

We are current and up to date in our modules utilizing digital dictations as well as in the offering of our newest module:  The Independent Medical Examination.  We are quite proud of this extensive two-part module (560 combined total pages of instruction and hard copies of completed reports).  This module is entirely comprised of Independent Medical Examinations (liability and motor vehicle injury), Workers’ Compensation Examinations (injuries sustained while working), and many Multi-State and Federal Disability Exams as well as private concern Disability Retirement Examinations.

Please click on any links to read MT Practice Transcription Reviews or Advisory Board Reviews:

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In the links above, we have provided you with a nice selection of Reviews.  We hope you will take a moment to read these.  They will give you a clear (or clearer) picture of who and what we are, and what MT Practice Transcription Training, LLC is offering to you.

Advisory Board Reviews:

Advisory Board Members were asked to review all teaching materials and all attendant text, and to test and attest to our training methods.  Advisory Board Members ranged from interested persons, to those who are presently in the field, to those who are considered experts in the field of medicine including:  An ethics reference as well as reviews from Medical Transcriptionists (certified and non-certified), a RHIT Coder, a County-level  R.N./B.S.N. Nursing review, a Physician/Medical College Professor review, and a (competitor) Medical Transcription Service Company Training Department review.

Each Advisory Board member was asked to review all MT Practice materials, to provide suggestions (if any) which could improve the training we offer, and to discuss any perceived benefits of our training methods and elements.  All reviews assisted in helping us to reach our goal of adequately teaching new skills or in helping one further refine their present skills to either get their foot in the door or to move up the ladder in Transcription, and receiving their training in as short a period of time as possible so they can go to work!  Advisory Board Members received no remuneration in return for their reviews and are not connected to either business entity in any manner. They served on a purely voluntary, philanthropic basis, and we heartily appreciate their candor and honest, kind responses.

Our desire is to teach you skills to better your life, as well as the lives of your children/family members, as it has ours.

 Due To The Flexibility Transcription Offers,This Is A Career Occupation Ideally Suited To:

  • Working in the traditional hospital or (now more common) home office setting. We ourselves have done both.  You can choose the setting that best suits your lifestyle and depending upon your level of expertise.
  • We have been told this is an ideal work-at-home occupation for those in recovery programs (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or Al-Anon) due to the flexibility of working from home and in hours worked.  One of the most crucial steps is to get those in recovery into both secure housing and a job so they have stability, a renewed purpose in life, and “something to get out of bed for”.
  • We have been told this is an excellent occupation for those with (for example) MS and/or other lower extremity disabilities.  We ourselves have worked with Transcriptionists who had very limited use their lower extremities for the foot pedal due to MS or cerebral palsy but who were some of the finest Transcriptionists we have ever seen (such as my mentor back when I was a newbie).  Keyboard modification (remapping) allows for use of the foot pedal through keystroke activation – Instructions on remapping and keyboard controls to utilize the transcriber (by not using one’s feet) are provided in the MTPractice Fundamentals textbook!
  • This is ideal for those who just do not want to or cannot work in the traditional office/hospital setting and/or who may be caregivers for aged family members or young children yet need to work.  Hours and days worked can be tailored around scheduled appointments and care-giving duties.
  • Medical Transcription is also an excellent occupation for retirees and/or live-aboards (those who live on boats) or those snowbirds who travel between (for example) our Northern States and Florida, due to the ease of Internet connectivity.  In the past, we transcribed remotely in a similar vacation setting and it was very easily “do-able”, and quite flexible!  We have also been known to take our laptop on vacation with us and transcribe during “off hours”.
  • We have been told those who are “old enough to retire but young enough to still want to work” or who need to work have found our training ideal to enable them to do so.
  • This has been designated by the Federal Government as an excellent occupation for military spouses due to the fact that the work can be performed from any location and if one travels or their family member is transferred, their job can ‘travel with them’ again in large part due to the ease of Internet connectivity everywhere.
  • We ourselves hold a special place in our heart for those single moms of young children who need to earn a living yet who choose to remain in the home caring for their children, as I was once in that position myself.  My (now adult) children and I know we were very fortunate that I “found” transcription which allowed me to do just that.

The above situations have in large part influenced our exceptionally low price point, set as such so we may “give something back” to others who need this  opportunity.  Transcription is very flexible and adaptable for the above special interest groups. 

If you are current unemployed (or under-employed), with MT Practice you truly could learn a new career in as little as three months studying on a part-time basis!

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