Level Three: The Experienced Transcriptionist:

This level is for the Transcriptionist who desires: Updating their Productivity, Spellcheck and AutoCorrect codes; and/or training in the new specialty work type the Independent Medical Examinations and Workers’ Compensation Examinations.  Of Note: We are the first company to offer training in this NEW specialty work type and this newest training module is truly exceptional. This double module is completely dedicated to the ever-increasing demand for this specialty report with IME/WC reports requested by/prepared for insurance companies or Attorneys, and their examining Physicians in all medical specialty areas.  This new work type has a plethora of well-paying/higher rated work available for those with solid IME/WC experience! 

This module also includes training in State and Federal Disability Reports, and Disability Retirement Reports.  You will receive extensive training and interesting dictations in this module.

Productivity and AutoCorrect Word Expanders Module:

Productivity and AutoCorrect

Word expander abbreviations, also known as AutoCorrect, are abbreviations to help you increase your productivity/work output and thereby your earnings.  An abbreviation is typed and expands upon activation of the space bar or an assigned hot key.  This can expand into a word, a phrase or a ‘normal’ standard dictation – whatever you program it to be!  The keystrokes you save are a key component to your productivity and thus, your earnings.  When first installed MSWord contains only a very basic, minimal AutoCorrect list provided by Microsoft.  We instruct you on what AutoCorrect is, how to create entries, when to create them, and what they can do for you. 

This module will provide you with approximately 9,400+/- entries (318 printed pages) of MTP Transcription AutoCorrect codes for your use during your studies and for you to use in your career work afterward.

Total AutoCorrect Instruction Pages: 25+/-.  Over 9,400 AutoCorrect expansion code macros provided on USB flash (318 printed pages of AutoCorrect codes).  Detailed explanation as to what an AutoCorrect macro is, how to create one from present or future work, how to utilize the macros provided in this module, and how to edit existing  macros to suit your purpose.

Productivity Module: $155.00

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The Independent Medical Examinations and Workers’ Compensation Module: 

This is a double, two-part module.

Combined total 134 instruction pages (combined total Independent Medical Examinations and Workers’ Compensation Claim Examinations).  Instructions and hard copy reports page total:  560+/- total pages combined.

Eight reusable document templates included in this module to create:  IME Letter.Doc, IME Short Form.Doc, IME Long   Form.Doc, IME NP Report.Doc, WCC Letter.Doc, WCC Report.Doc, WCC Federal Report.Doc, and WCC Multistate Report.Doc.  There are 107 Practice dictation reports (46 IME and 61 WCC) totaling 424 transcribed pages (166 IME pages and 258 WCC pages). The similarities between the report types in this module required we keep them together but this is such an extensive module we needed to break it up into two module books: Part I of II and Part II of II. This module provides 9 hours of dictation (4 hours IME and  5 hours WCC) equating to 27 hours of transcription practice (12 hours IME and 15 hours WCC). 

Additionally within this module, instructions and dictations are provided for Multi-State, Federal, and Accidental Disability Report formats. 

This is our newest module in an ever-growing, lucrative medical specialty area known overall as the Independent Examination.  We are the only training provider offering instruction and dictations in these formats.

IME/WC Module: $250.00  


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